Thurs. Sept. 3/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: September 3:15


Gospel: Luke 5:1... this is a story about the call of the disciples, who were fishermen. Today they did not catch any fish and so Jesus put out in the lower your nets and trust. Here they  their nets are filled with fish which they bring in to the boats. Then Peter falls on his knees and confesses that Jesus that he is a sinful man. Now Jesus uses the rich imagery drawn on what has happened with the Nets in the fish, and he tells Peter, “do not be afraid, from now on you will be catching people”. Peter and the disciples would understand what Jesus is saying to them, that they have a ministry into the future to reach out to people and bring them into the faith filled community where they could really know God. Today, with so many people having left the church we need to spread the net and bring people back into the life of the church for their own well-being and happiness.


Reflection: do you see yourself as fishing for people to bring them into the community?


Prayer: Jesus, you\'ve taught by using image of the fish and the Nets in order to help the disciples see their ministry into the future. We know this image inspired people for centuries but longer seems to do so. We need to pray to the Holy Spirit to inspire  the people of God to once more be a net and to bring people back into the life of the church. Amen