Sept. 2/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: September 2/15


Gospel: Luke 4:38... in this Gospel we read about Jesus teaching in the synagogue, Healing Simon\'s mother-in-law, going to a deserted place, crowds followed him, and asked him why did you leave us? Jesus said to them: “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other cities”. The phrase, the kingdom of God, is not an empire, it is not a place, it is not a political entity, then why is the kingdom of God? The kingdom of God happens when people experience God\'s presence and unconditional love and this experience takes its roots in a person\'s heart and transforms a person and a person more fully alive, more fully human. We might think of the kingdom of God as the happening of grace in a persons life.


Reflection: do you say yes to the experience of the kingdom of God when you experience God\'s love through human behaviors?


Prayer: Jesus, many times a day we experience the kingdom of God in the here and now when we either give unconditional love to others or experience unconditional love for us. I pray that you will open our eyes and our heart to recognize what is just happen to us in those events. Amen