Tues. Sept. 2/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: September 1/15


Gospel Luke 4:31... today we look back and see that Jesus was an astonishing teacher who attracted large crowds to hear him. Keep in mind that Jesus was a pleasant, he was  uneducated and was not designated as an official teacher of God and the way of God. In this reading, that people listen to Jesus and we read,”they were astounded at his teaching, because he spoke with authority”. The question is... where did Jesus get his authority, the conviction, the power, that made such an impact on the hearts of the people. The quick answer is that Jesus was a mystic and it was from that place which he found his authority to speak of God and the things of God. Jesus often said, I am the father are one, indicating that his spirituality led him to know God not just believe in God and that is the difference. Even today, educated people speak about God and believing, of other people teach and preach about God on their knowledge of God and their love for God and the things of God... they are mystics.


Reflection: do you see your self as a mystic?


Prayer: Jesus, you did your inner work, that is soul making, and became a mystic and as a result you could speak with authority because you knew God and the ways of God. I pray that with enough spiritual discipline I too can become a mystic and speak about God because I know God not just believe. Amen