Fri. Aug.28/15


Daily reflections: Friday: August 28/15


Gospel: Matthew 25:1... and Jesus told the story of the wedding banquet that was coming up and integration of meet the bridegroom and bride and 10 bridesmaids were waiting at the door... five had plenty of oil for their lamps and the other five did not bring any oil. The bridegroom arrived in the find with oil lit the lamps and the other five realize that they were caught unprepared. The task the ones with oil to share so they could like there might and the five refused to share in the other five did not get in for the wedding banquet. We can read in the lives of various interpretations, one is that it is a warning parable and to be ready for when the Lord comes, another interpretation that people with should be willing to share with those who do not have, another interpretation that those who have are too selfish to share, another interpretation is do not arrived late and as for entrance because the doors are shut and locked, then you have missed your opportunity.


Reflection: what interpretation do you put on this parable?


Prayer: Jesus, I am invited the banquet of life and have been given plenty of time to have oil in my lamps and able to light them. This parable reminds me not to put off till tomorrow what I should do today. Amen