Thurs. Aug. 27/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: August 27/15


Gospel Matthew 24:22...  one day Jesus spoke to the apostles, ”Keep awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming”. By these words Jesus is teaching the people to be awake and alert to their experiences of the presence of God in the happenings in their life. It can be an experience of standing in awe before the beauty of creation, it can be an experience of being loved unconditionally by a friend, it can be a heartfelt reconciliation where there has been conflict, it can be spinning at a time in silence and stillness and experiencing the presence of the Divine these are all experiences which when seen in the light of today\'s words of Jesus move us to be a mystic. A lot of people are afraid of being called a mystic, yet the truth of the matter is people who trust their experiences are mystic. We know that Jesus was a mystic and everywhere he went  love poured out from him in the lives of people. We are all called to be mystics.


Reflection: you trust your experiences so that you can become a mystic?


Prayer: Jesus, by listening to and paying attention to the happenings in your life you saw the presence of God and God\'s action in all things. As a result you became a great mystic who is able to pour out love in the minds and hearts of people. I pray that I also trust my experiences as a result to be a modern-day mystic. Amen