Fri. Aug.21/15


Daily reflections: Friday, August 21/`15


Gospel: Matthew 22:34... one of the things that often turn people off or against organized religion is all the rules and regulations that seem to multiply century after century. It is a very legalism that Jesus challenged and confronted the religious leaders within his day. However, Jesus want to move away from legalism to relationships and he did this by giving two commandments and to only, “you shall love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor is yourself”. Legalism is help the people who are immature I\'m unable to live with love in their heart. At the same time, to love God and love our neighbor from our heart is a sign of transformation and maturity. Immature people choose legalism and mature people choose to love God, people, and all of creation.


Reflection: do you prefer legalism or loving and being loved?


Prayer: Jesus my brother, as I read the Gospels I see God\'s love pouring out of you time and time again. I can see that you were a mystic and the Spirit of God was so alive within you that you were  empower in your desire to love all. I realize I have to experience maturity and transformation if I am to be a mystic so that God\'s love may flow through me to all people and to all of creation. Amen