Thurs. Aug.20/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: August 20/15


Gospel Matthew 22:1... in this Gospel we read a parable given by Jesus in order to teach the people about union with God. He does this by an invitation to a banquet. The people whom he first invited herself alive by the chief priests and the elders. It so happened that these people refuse to come to the banquet and this angered the King. Then the king told his friends to go out and invite everyone they would find to the banquet.... the marginalized, the poor, those carrying a heavy burden, those rejected by the wealthy and the powerful... and we read their the file both good and bad invited to the wedding hall which was filled with guests. One of the meetings here is that the chief priests and the elders refused the invitation of Jesus and lost their opportunity, whereas the poorer, responded and came to the banquet.


Reflection: how do you see this being lived out today?


Prayer: Jesus, your parable tells me that those who are at the top generally refuse your invitation and on the other hand the poor and the marginalized will come to your banquet when they hear the invitation. The rich and the wealthy have too much to lose in the poorer and the marginalized at nothing to lose by accepting the invitation, I have to reflect on this, having I heard and said yes to the invitation of Jesus. Amen