Tues. Aug.18/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: August 18/15


Gospel Matthew 19:23... and this Gospel we read that Jesus tells his disciples that a rich person will find it difficult to enter the kingdom of God. The disciples are surprised that this because there are many rich people in their community and those people were very obedient to their religious duties. Then Jesus said to them, “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God”. By these words Jesus telling his friends that if their god is money than they are following the wrong God. Then Jesus tells them that letting go is the secret to entering the kingdom of God. We read,” those who have left family or possessions for my namesake, will receive 100 fold and will eternal life”. One excellent example of those what that\'s all I have made God the center of their life are religious, women and men, who clearly put God first in their life and serve the people of God generously. For the rest of us living in the world it\'s a balancing act which each person has to work out by their own conscience and the values which they hold sacred.


Reflection: does what you own stand between you and God?


 Prayer: Jesus I find it a struggle in my own life when I add all that I possess then I have to question myself, what is first in my heart... my possessions... or my relationship with God? Amen