Thurs. Aug. 13/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: August 13/15


Gospel: Matthew 18:21... some people\'s idea of God is that God is judgmental and punitive and I went at the end of life you have to appear before God for judgment and the risk of punishment. This is caused many people to experience guilt and fear and with this idea of God makes him seem is not very nice and not a God one want to spend much time with. Yet, Peter asks Jesus how many times should I forgive a brother or a sister? Jesus replied, “not 7 times, but, I tell you 77 time”. With these words Jesus teaching us that God is a God of unconditional love who does not judge or punish, a God of unconditional love who does not take offense and matter what kind of mistakes a person makes. The words tells us God never needs to forgive and if we feel a need to be forgiven by God then it is readily available. Most times when it comes to forgiveness we need to forgive herself in order to have inner peace.


Reflection: do you have difficulty forgiving yourself?


Prayer: I must always keep in mind that God does not judge or punish. but Rather God loves me unconditionally no matter what my mistakes maybe. When I feel that I need forgiveness then I am praying that the grace of God will enable me to forgive myself. Amen