Monday, Aug.10/15


Daily reflections: Monday: August 10/15


Gospel: John 12:24... in this gospel Jesus states one of most important principles of our journey to union with God, to the awakening of the union with God is already present. We read that Jesus said I tell you unless a grain of wheat dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit”. Now we know this is a metaphor for our own spiritual growth and development. There is dying of one kind or another, we die to childhood, we die to teenage, we die to adult, we die in middle-age and dying to being a senior... in all this dying is letting go and order something new may grow. Sometimes we die by her own choice, sometimes we died because of the circumstances of life which don\'t give us any choice, and what we do have, is that we do have a choice of how we let go. Some people let go with a great deal of grief and resentment and simply do not wish to let go and as a result they live in denial and without growth. For those who make good use of the dying, and find the grace of God to help let go and move on, there is growth and transformation on a deeper union with God.


Reflection: how are you with letting go?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, for those who follow you there is a desire for deeper union with God and part of this growing in a deeper union is being able to choose to let  go willingly when life demands and it is in letting go at we are able to deepen our relationship with God... each day I pray for the grace to let go and let God be the God of my life and not some kind of created thing. Amen