Fri. Aug.7/15


Daily reflections: Friday: August 7/15


Gospel: Matthew 16:24... in this reading Jesus talking about discipleship and the paradoxical was with it when one decides to be a genuine follower of Jesus. Here is the paradox, “those who want to save their life, will lose it, those who lose their life for my sake will find”. This paradox speaks about the choices that follower of Jesus has to make. Those who invest their time and energy into saving their life... that is being a success, making money, becoming powerful and popular... are living in misdirected life someday they may come to realize. The other side of the paradox, those who lose their life... for example, those who make big mistakes, those who sin, those who struggle and never seem to make it, those who live with great hardships and burdens are the people who will save their life because they will learn that God sustains them and that they can trust God. As St. Paul wrote, it\'s when I am weak and I am strong.


Reflection can you except your weakness which leads you to trust God and find strength?


Prayer: Jesus he put before us today strange paradox. Lights would show us that it\'s the end mistakes and weaknesses that we\'ve come to rely on you to sustain us and make us strong. Our strength does not come from our ego but from our true self. Amen