Thurs. Aug.6/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: August 6/15


Gospel: Mark 9:2... in this Gospel Jesus takes Peter and James and John up a high mountain and there he was transfigured before them. It was a mystical experience for these three men. When they came down from the mountain Jesus ordered them to tell no one what they had seen  “until he had risen from the dead.”. The disciples The experience to themselves and among themselves they asked the question, what does this rising from the dead mean?. Today, some people see it as a physical resurrection of Jesus body, that is they take it literally, others see it as an agent Egyptian story written back into the Gospel, others see it as a metaphor pointing to some other meeting than the literal. This is even embedded in our creed, I believe in the resurrection from the dead.


Reflection: as you reflect on this statement of Jesus what do you think it means for you?


Prayer: Jesus, sometimes you talked to people and said things that people found hard to understand. This is particularly true if we understood this statement literally and did not look for the underlying meaning. For me, I simply trust a loving God and following my death I will find out what\'s in store for me and for people everywhere. Amen