Weds. July 5/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: August 5/15


Gospel: Matthew 15:21... and this gospel it would seem that Jesus is testing the woman who comes with a sick daughter. She pleads with Jesus to heal her daughter, she is not Jewish woman but rather a Gentile and Jesus tells her that he is therefore the Jews and not the Gentile. However, she perseveres and will not give up until Jesus heals her daughter. Finally Jesus pays attention to her and says,” woman, great is your faith! Let it be done to you as you wish”. And her daughter was healed instantly. This gospel connects to yesterday when Jesus reprimanded Peter for not having enough faith, and he is Jewish, and here you have a Gentile who has enough faith.


Reflection: would you say your faith is more like Peter or like this Gentile woman?


Prayer: Jesus as I read this story of a Gentile woman who has such a deep faith and perseverance in her prayers, it is a reminder to me and I too must cultivate a deeper faith and live with the strong trust in God\'s presence and action in my life. Amen