Tues. Aug. 3/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: August 4/15


Gospel Matthew 14:22... in this story Jesus goes to the mountain to spend the night in prayer while the disciples get into a boat in order to cross to the other side. While they are out on the lake a severe storm comes up and the disciples are afraid that their vote will be swamped and they will drown. We read that early in the morning Jesus came walking to the over the water and they cry out to Jesus. Jesus spoke to them and say,” take heart, it is I., do not be afraid” . These are words we need to hear over and over again in our own life. We live in a world where there is a great deal of fear, we ourselves experience fear as a result of losing a job, diagnosed with cancer or some serious illness, a conflict in a relationship, fear about parents or children or grandchildren. What are we to do? Jesus said to the disciples, “take heart, it is I., do not be afraid” . These words are to tell us that God is with us in every circumstance of life, that God is with us experiencing everything we are experiencing the joy or fear or sadness... God is with us and all round trust God.


Reflection: what do you do when you experience fear?


Prayer: Jesus, with your words of, take heart it is I. do not be afraid, these words remind us that God is with us in every situation and we can draw hope and strength from that awareness and gives us the grace to put our trust in God in all things. Julian of Norwich wrote, all will be well, all manner of things will be well, in the end all manner of things will be well. Amen