Mon. Aug. 3/15


Daily reflections: Monday: August 3/15


Gospel: Matthew 14:13... we know that Jesus and John the Baptist were very close friend, they were relatives, and they truly love one another. John had his way of preaching about God and Jesus had his way and at times there was some differences, yet their friendship never wavered. Then one day Jesus was given the news that John had been thrown into prison and had been beheaded to satisfy the jealousy of  Herod’s wife. As we picture this scene surely we can be in touch with the grief of Jesus, Jesus probably hope that John would die in prison and not be beheaded, Jason would feel the pain of John, his isolation, and finally the act of beheading. And yet the Gospels shows us that she did not have time to go apart and grieve the death of John. Jesus would\'ve wept at the death of John just as he wept at the death of his friend Lazarus.


Reflection: as you imagine the pain of Jesus and when you experience the death of a loved one Jesus is with you!


Prayer: as I reflect on this story today I did feel the pain and the grief of Jesus and I live with the knowledge that God and Jesus are always with me when I grieve the death of a loved one. Amen