Friday July 31/15


Daily reflections: Friday: July 31/15


Gospel Matthew 13:54... in this Gospel we find Jesus at home and going to his own synagogue in order to teach. At first, the people were very open and receptive and wondered where he became so well equipped to teach about God and the things of God. Then, realizing he was one of them, you grew up in the village, he played with kids his age, they were his neighbor, he was one of them and we read that they took offense at him. Then Jesus says something that was so true then, and is very true even today. Familiarity often breeds contempt, or jealousy, or anger, and the rejection of speaker. Jesus said to them,” prophets are not without honor except in their own house” Jesus realizing that people were hostile since he left the synagogue and went on his way.


Reflection: did you ever felt rejected when talking to people who knew you very well, from childhood to adulthood?


Prayer: Jesus, as one from the village you faced the audience that was very fickle. First they welcome you and then they turn against you because of familiarity. Those with a prophetic voice must learn to live with criticism and rejection and still follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Amen