Thus. July 30/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: July 30/15


Gospel Matthew 13:47... in this Gospel Jesus continues to be the teacher and using parables to get his message across. We see that Jesus is not a dualistic thinker, he doesn\'t think in terms of either/or, and he realizes a dualistic thinking prevents people from growing and experiencing transformation. Jesus spoke in terms of,both /and, which is a sign of maturity and a freedom . With this in mind we turn to the Gospel and read, “every scribe that is properly trained is like the master of household who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old”. In other words, a mature scribe does not think in terms of either/or but both/and and as a result he/she is able to look at both sides what is old, what is new and takes the best of both and craft something very new for growth and transformation. Some people clinging to what is old, tradition, and will not change their mind, some people grasp of what is new without balancing from the best of what is old, the ideal is take the best of the old and the best of the new and create a story which is life giving for everybody.


Reflection: do you think in terms of either/or.? Do you think in terms of both and?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher you were a person who thought in terms of both/and is what you require to people if they were to understand and live your teaching. I pray for the grace of God will help me to see I must grow into thinking in terms of both/and. Amen