Tues. July 28/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday, July 28/15


Gospel Matthew 13:36... Jesus was a master teacher by his use of the parable because they inspired people to go their own searching in order to find meaning for their life. It is in searching for meaning that his listeners with the awakened and be able to see what Jesus was driving at. For too many people, the readily acceptance of Jesus message, was very superficial and had no transforming power. They remain stuck in the same old place like many people today who are very immature when it comes to their religion. Jesus said to the people, “let anyone with ears listen” and by this Jesus meant missing with your heart, reflecting on the story, pondering what you find, and by working on your own search for meaning in the parables you will release the power of the word of God in your heart. And this is when restoration and growth takes place.


Reflection: do you find pondering over passage helpful to your growth?


Prayer: Jesus I constantly find myself pondering over the parables I find in the Gospel. By the prompting of the Spirit I\'m able to find deeper meanings which motivate me and inspire me to live by the power of the word. Amen