Fri. July 24/15


Daily reflections: Friday: July 24/15


Gospel: Matthew 13:18... today\'s Gospel carries over from yesterday and focuses on teaching ministry of Jesus. Once more, Jesus is pointing out that his teaching is much like seeds that have the potential to blossom and grow and produce in abundance harvest. The seed is his teaching. Jesus points out that seed in order to be fruitful needs to fall on good soil where it can blossom and grow. Good soil is those who are seekers and searchers, open receptive hearing and learning something new. In the parable some of the seed falls on rocky ground... people with a hard heart, some seed falls on shallow ground and as a result begins to grow but never really grow because there are no deep roots, this of course refers to people who are shallow and though real depth within themselves, for seed that falls among thorns will sprout with the thorns would choke the life of it... points to people who seem to embrace the word of God but are too busy, too self absorbed, to really bring anything to maturity and growth. Jesus then says, “seed that is sown on good ground, is the one who hears the word and understands, who bears fruit and yields, one case 100 fold, and another 60, and in another 30. It tells us very clearly that for those who are open and receptive to the word of God it will be revealed by the way they act.


Reflection: would you say that you are good soil?


Prayer Jesus teacher, your word is implanted in my heart like seeds in a soil, I pray that by the grace of God I will able to bring that seed to maturity so that I can yield fruit in abundance. Amen