Thurs. July 23/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: July 23/15


Gospel Matthew 13:10... we know that Jesus was a wonderful teacher but he also challenged people use their brains and to think for themselves. This was something new for the people. In order to make this work selected will find the meaning of his stories he used parables and the idea was that they would decode the parables and find meaning for themselves for the living of their lives. The disciples complained to Jesus asking him why does he teach in parable because as Steve replies their eyes and the ears had not yet been opened so that they can see and understand his teaching. Today, this would mean that people had not yet been enlightened nor  awakened, and Jesus describes this as hard hearts which had grown dull, their ears are hard of hearing., they have shut their eyes so that may not look and see. Not everyone wants to hear the word of God 2000 years ago and today. Many people are so busy making their way in the world that they claim that they have no time for the word of God. To interpret the Bible to find meaning is a challenge and only those whose heart has been softened will do it.


Reflection: are you able to pray a parable and find its meaning?


Prayer: Jesus, your model for teaching by the use of parables show your respect for people because one of them to think for themselves and find meaning in your teaching. I pray for spiritual help me to see the meaning of the parables that I read. Amen