Weds. July 22/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: July 22/15


Gospel John 20:1... this is John\'s story of the resurrection and is not to be taken literally as we have done for almost 2000 years, but rather our task is to find meaning in it for the people of the 21st century. What I find interesting is that it is a woman, Mary Magdalene, who experiences the Lord is resurrected and she is the first evangelists, she is the first one to proclaim to the disciples and two others that Jesus has risen. We read, “Mary went and announced to the disciples, I have seen the Lord and she told them that the Lord had said these things to her”clearly in her encounter with the risen Christ she had come to realize the sincerity and the truth of his preaching and teaching, her eyes were open, she was awakened, and was therefore well prepared speak on behalf on the Christ. Today, and for many centuries, it was mostly the ordained men who were to speak of the risen Christ and women were ignored. However, today women are receiving much more attention from the people, and we are realizing that they are more than capable of speaking.


Reflection: are you listening to the voices of women?


Prayer: As I reflect on today\'s Scripture and the role Mary played in being the first evangelist we realize in the early church that women often took the lead in proclaiming the good news. May the Holy Spirit open the minds and the hearts of religion leaders so that they might once more the knowledge and value the wisdom of women. Amen