Tues. July 20/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: July 21/15


Gospel: Matthew 12:46... this is a very interesting story on family dynamics. It\'s the story of the mother of Jesus coming to where he is teaching and in some small way expecting that she would be able to be ushered to the front of the crowd. This did not happen. One from the crowd came to Jesus and told him that his mother and family were there and expecting again that he would be brought to the front of the crowd. Jesus saw this as a teachable moment, a time to expand the thinking and the imagination of the crowd so that they would be more inclusive than just their own people. So he asks the question, “who is my mother, and who are my brothers?”That people would be very surprised that this response that Jesus would ask this kind of a question, however Jesus knew what he was doing. Then he said as he stretched out his arms to include everybody and he said, “that whoever does the will of my father in heaven are my brothers and sisters and my mother”. With these words Jesus said you\'re living with the narrow minded imagination and I am telling you to expand your imagination so that someday will come to see that there is one family of God on planet Earth.


Reflection: have you grasped the meaning of Jesus teaching here?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you expanded your imagination to include all the people living on planet Earth then and now. I know that I must to expand my imagination far beyond my little family here in order to include all the people living on planet Earth. We are all brothers and sisters and our call to  love and care for each other as family.. Amen