Mon. July 20/15


Daily reflections: Monday: July 20/15


Gospel: Matthew 12:38... Jesus has been busy teaching that people and challenging them to change their mind about God. Over the centuries, many theologians of talk about changing God\'s mind about people that it is, that\'s in the death of Jesus and angry and punitive God will change his mind and wants more open the gates of heaven to the people. However, Jesus was awakened to the notion that God was not angry or punitive and never turn his back on people but rather people had turn their back on God and had the wrong idea about God, and he knew that God did not need change his mind, that God loves people from the very beginning and it never taken back that unconditional love. Those who taught the people that God was angry and punitive and made a big mistake. Rather, Jesus made it very clear that people must change their mind about God. In today\'s Gospel scribes and Pharisees said to Jesus,”we wish a sign from you”and Jesus knew they did not really honestly want to see and so he refused to give up to them, Jesus knew that signs and miracles would not generate the seed of faith but rather they must have a willingness to change their mind and open our hearts.


Reflection: you see where you need to change your mind about God?


Prayer Jesus the teacher, you are the enlightened one and was courageous to teach about God who is love and compassion and not angry and punitive. Even today, many people need to change their mind about God and be free of guilt and fear and shame. I pray that with the grace of God I can continue to change my mind and experience a healthy relationship with God who dwells within me. Amen