Fri. July 17/15


Daily reflections: Friday: July 17/15


Gospel: Matthew 12:1... Jesus saw his religion is loaded down with rules and laws and the leaders demanded strict obedience from the people even though they themselves violated the law by their ministry in the temple. Jesus disciples break the law on the Sabbath because they were hungry and harvested heads of grain so that they are able to be at satisfy their own. Admittedly the Pharisees criticize Jesus for what his disciples were doing and Jesus had a reply for them or he said ,”I desire mercy and not sacrifice , ”in other words Jesus telling them that it\'s mercy, understanding, compassion and putting people above law which Jesus which Jesus did himself because people are more important than obeying any man-made law.


Reflection: do you ever find yourself on the horns of a dilemma... obey the law or act kindly?


Prayer: Jesus, you did not talk morality in most of your stories however both by your actions and your teachings you put people first and obedience to law second. By your actions you certainly teach me to put people first obedience to law second. Amen