Thurs. July 16/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: July 16/15


Gospel: Matthew 11:25... Jesus was a well-known teacher and with the gift of wisdom he could tell who was ready and receptive to his teaching and who was not. We read that Jesus said; “father... you have hidden from the wise and intelligent then reveal them to infants”. The wise and the intelligent were people who had self-righteous attitude, were very important and felt superior to everybody else, they use their power to oppress the peasants and the control their lives. There was a certain arrogance about them groups like the priests, Pharisees, Levites and others who consider themselves superior to the people. The infants were the peasants, the marginalized, the poor and the sick, they were uneducated and Rachel did this they find the educated. However, because of their humility they were very open and receptive to Jesus and his teachings unlike the so-called intelligent ones.


Reflection, do you find yourself open and receptive to new ideas?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, I know at times as I get to see more clearly your teachings I find I have to let go former ideas in order to embrace a new teaching which can be challenging at the same time liberating. I pray that the Spirit will keep me humble and enable me to continue to grow and experience transformation. Amen