Weds. July 15/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: July 15/15


The Gospel: Matthew 11:28... the question could be asked has Christianity made life easier or more difficult for people because of an emphasis on orthodoxy and the obedience  to rules.? We could also ask as the world in the past or today been better off with Christianity? I don\'t know the answer to these questions, however I read in today\'s Gospel following words by Jesus, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. Again this forces us, if we feel Christianity has laid heavy burdens on people, to really come to know Jesus and the lit life-giving message that he taught the people of his day. The yolk is a relationship we have with God and Jesus and it should be a relationship of joy, excitement, passion, and very very life-giving. The burden that Jesus speaks is not meant to be a heavy burden but rather a source of great joy because we bring to the world, compassion and justice, community and a support network, so in a very real way is not a burden at all.


Reflection: as you reflect on the statement of Jesus you find it a burden or not?


Prayer: Jesus, at times religion seems to bring more of a burden than freedom and yet we know that you wanted people to be free to live life to the full on the phrase, the glory of his person fully alive and so obviously you mean that your yoke and your burden are not meant to be binding us to set us a long danger will only go truly free to grow and experience transformation. Amen