Tues. July 14/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: July 14/15


Gospel: Matthew 11:20... we read that Jesus was a great teacher and was always trying to get people to repent, that has nothing to do with sin, but rather to change their mind, and to change their mind meant to change their mind, heart and soul, develop a whole little world view that was the morning keeping with those who belong to the kingdom of God. It seems that his efforts for the most part failed and Jesus had to deal with this failure. In today\'s Gospel we get a sense of his frustration, his sadness, and a sense of what more can I do for those people because they refuse to listen and to grow and experience transformation. It is important to remember that Jesus wanted people to experience growth and transformation that really is the purpose of this teaching. Today we read, “Jesus began to reproach the cities in which most of his deeds of power because they did not repent”. Even today we see that many people are stuck in a rut with their thinking, a worldview that belongs to the 18th century and simply refuse to learn or change their mind and to do what St. Paul will of the early Christians, “put on the mind of Christ”.


Reflection: do you feel you have put on the mind of Christ?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, I know I have a lot to learn in order to experience growth and transformation. I pray that I will develop a receptive mind and heart and continue to grow and experience a genuine transformation of mind, heart body and soul and so develop a new world view that is in keeping with the vision of Jesus. Amen