Mon. July `10/15


Daily reflections: Monday: July 13/15


Gospel: Matthew 10:34... with our Christmas carols we always sing about Jesus the peacemaker, the one who would bring peace on earth and goodwill to all, for the most part Jesus has been considered to be a man of peace and that was one of his promises for those who belong to the kingdom. In today\'s Gospel we see another aspect about Jesus lived in the real world where people live. And so he warns his disciples by saying, “do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth.... I\'ve come to set up father against his son, a daughter against her mother... and one enemies will be members of one\'s own household “. By giving this teaching Jesus is trying to give a reality test to is disciples, Jesus knew human nature very well and knew the tendency to compete, try to feel  superior, and that at times conflict would even arise within families.


Reflection: have you ever experienced the conflict over religion?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you were a man of peace and you taught peace yet you also knew human nature very well that people would argue and fight about religion and who is wrong and was right. This happens when there is dualistic thinking. When people mature then they outgrow dualistic thinking and see a unity of all creation. I pray that I will grow in my maturity so that I never think dualistic. Amen