Fri. July 10/15


Daily reflections: Friday: July 10/15


Gospel Matthew 10:7... Jesus has just given his disciples a mission of going out two by two and telling people about his vision, his teachings, and a new way of living live which is the dream of God and calls people to live a life that is God centred. In this passage is very clear that Jesus wants them to have a hands-on ministry and not spend all their time and energy talking about the kingdom of God. They would show the presence of God, of God\'s love for the people who are hurting and carrying a heavy burden, so that by their actions to proclaim God as being with them, dwelling within them and among them, in a God who empowered them to do the works of God in this world. He tells them that they must, “cure of the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons,”. You can see that his following and discipleship is one of the hands-on ministry to those who are hurting, who are ill, who are hungry, we\'re living with mental illness.. it\'s not just all talking.. Jesus is telling his disciples by your actions, which I have empowered to do, will be the sign of God\'s presence and non-conditional love for all.


Reflection: do you have a hands-on ministry in your own life?


Prayer Lord Jesus, we have been given the spirit and as a result we are empowered to do the same works as you did, and this is what you promise when you gave the Spirit. I pray that the Spirit would inspire me to talk less and do more. Amen