Thurs. July 10/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: July 10/15


Gospel Matthew 10:16... one of the tasks facing Jesus was to educate and train his disciples to carry on his teaching ministry after he left them. Jesus was the wonderful teacher both by the way he and his life and the parables and stories that he told the people. Sometimes, people applauded Jesus for his wisdom, at other times, some of the religious leaders severely criticized him. The disciples were quite willing to go out and teach a message of Jesus even though they have had no experience. In this possible Jesus warns them by saying, “I am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”. The wolves, represent those who are skeptical, those who are hostile and punitive, those who would turn against them and trying to destroy them. To be wise as serpents is to recognize who these people were and not to be taken in by them. To be innocent as doves was to bring a humility and simplicity to their ministry. To be innocent as doves was not to retaliate in the face of opposition or anger.


Reflection: would you describe yourself as living a life that is wise as serpents and innocent as doves?


Prayer Lord Jesus, you were a living sample of how to engage people and respond to their acceptance or rejection of you. You are compassionate to all and you never retaliated against those who hated you. I believe that with the grace that you provide I can imitate you in my own life and in engaging with people. Amen