Tues. July 7/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday, July 7/15


Gospel Matthew 9:32... today\'s reading is a powerful challenge to all of us who are friends of Jesus and Spirit people. As she was walking along the road a man who was mute approached Jesus requested that he yield him so that he might be able to speak. We read that Jesus cast out the demon and a mute man was able to speak. There is a lot of symbolism in this passage. The mute man is a symbol for all friends of Jesus who have been given the spirit yet they will not speak out.


because they have been told that they\'ve nothing to say, or what they might say could be wrong, or the only one to speak about the Gospel is the ordained, or because Catholics have grown up dependent on the ordained to do their talking for them. What it really tells us is that many Catholics see themselves as unworthy and powerless speak out either about their religion, or justice, or compassion, or truth, or the care of the environment, and this is very unfortunate. However, Jesus cast the demon out of the man and the list above is the demons that hold Catholics back from speaking up. Yet the truth is, that every Catholic has been given the Spirit and have been empowered by God to speak up and be heard.


Reflection: do you feel ill equipped to speak up and proclaim the truth?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you were a Spirit person and you were empowered to proclaim to the people of your time the good news of the kingdom of God here on earth. I know I have been given the same spirit that you had Jesus and I have been empowered to speak up on your behalf and proclaim the good news the two days the people of all time. Amen