Fri. July 3/15


Daily reflections: Friday: July 3/15


Gospel John 20:24... in this Gospel we read about doubting Thomas who question the resurrection of Jesus and wanted proof. Now the other disciples said to Thomas, “we have seen the Lord”. At that time, and even today, many people have not been awakened in order to see the Lord, to see clearly the teachings of the vision of Jesus, to see that we are living in the 21st century and have to include the universe story with our faith story, they still hold on to their catechism answers and refuse to think or accept any new idea. Many time in the Scriptures that people are told to wake up and see, and see the wonders of God creating in all of creation, to see a new story that comes out on evolution and tradition, to see the world and all the living creatures as one, it was a difficult thing for Jesus to wake people up to leave my see, and today, many people resist being awakened and they might see.


Reflection: have you been awakened in order to see?


Prayer: Jesus, by the humble way you live, a life of simplicity, your wonderful storytelling, and your healing ministry was all paid on waking people up so they might see and understand the kingdom of God here on earth. I pray that I will be humble enough to have my eyes open by the grace of God so I can see that dream of God as revealed to the people of that time and today.