Thurs. July 2/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: July 2/15


Gospel Matthew 9:1... in reading today\'s Gospel reading must keep in mind that Jesus was not an ordained priest, in the eyes of the people he was a carpenter son and in fact a passive like them. The people expected him to act like the carpenter\'s son since he was one of them. The day Jesus steps out of the role of peasant when he needs a man who was very ill and was being carried on a bed. Jesus was very impressed with the faith of the people carrying him, so he told them to stop, and he said to the man on the bed, “take heart, son, your sins are forgiven”. It describes, religious leaders of the people, were very angry and accused Jesus of blaspheming since they had decided only religious leaders could. However, by this story Jesus is telling them very clearly that he, and any layperson who has faith, can forgive sin and in fact does not need to go to the temple and make a sin offering in order to be forgive. Even today, it is commonly understood that only an ordained priest can forgive sin, however, this story tells that any baptized person can forgive sin.


Reflection: if someone confessed to you would you step out in faith and give them absolution?


Prayer: Jesus this story once more shows me the tremendous compassion and mercy in your heart. You knew you were challenging the religious leaders when you forgave that man\'s sin and heal him. I pray that all of us baptize people, not only the ordained, we\'ll have enough faith to step out and offer forgiveness to those who repent. Amen