Weds. July 1/15 Canada Day


Daily reflections: Wednesday: July 1/15


Gospel Matthew 5:1... in this Gospel really did Jesus went up the mountain, an amount that has always been symbolic of a very important announcement for all the people. Here Jesus gave the people what we call the Sermon on the Mount and one of these was, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”. As we look around the world we see many people who are grieving for their losses are threatened loss. People who are oppressed by injustice, people who are fleeing war, people who are hungry and lack food and lack of home, people with cancer, and people reading the death of a loved one. There is so much pain and suffering in our world. Jesus is telling the people, and us, do not be in different to the suffering of people in their pain. It\'s the human capacity to have empathy and as a result somehow feel the pain of others and solely in solidarity with those who are suffering.


Reflection: do you find that you suffer when you know someone else\'s suffering?


Prayer: At times I am almost overwhelmed by the amount of suffering and pain in our world. Yet I know that I must not be in different in people suffering in pain but rather in an empathetic way to feel their pain and stand in solidarity with them. It is by mourning with them that in some way they will be covered by my love and compassion. Amen