Tues. June 30/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: June 30/15


Gospel: Matthew 8:23... very often when people are suffering the asked the question, where is God? Or when people see the injustices in the world, they ask where is God? When people see suffering he asked why doesn\'t all powerful God do something about? Perhaps, we ourselves have vast or are asking a question, if God is all-knowing and all-powerful, why doesn\'t God rescued me? In today\'s Gospel we read the story of his disciples out on a boat, a fierce storm is blowing, and Jesus is asleep in the boat and it seems as if he\'s going to allow the disciples to perish. With high anxiety they wake Jesus up and said to Jesus, do something we are about to drown. Then Jesus says to them, “why you are free, you of little faith?”The disciples were unable to see what the eyes of their heart that Jesus would never allow them to drown.


Reflection: I have you ever asked the question... where are you God when I need, why don\'t you act, why don\'t you delete my suffering?.


Prayer: Gracious God, I have come to realize that you will not protect me from the circumstances that goes with being human. However, I\'ve also discovered you are with me and your Spirit lives within me and you me the courage and faith to work with what life has given. I know that you are with me always know matter what the circumstances of life may give me for that I am deeply grateful. Amen