Mon. June 29/15


Daily reflections: Monday: June 29/15


Gospel Matthew 16:13... in this sacred story we read that the disciples have been traveling with Jesus for many years. They come to know each other very well, they love each other very deeply, and these were the people chosen by Jesus to carry on his mission of revealing the kingdom of God and how to live as kingdom people. However, Jesus has a premonition that his death is imminent and so he asked a question on the disciples and of course Peter answers for the disciples by saying, and Jesus accept his answer knowing that it has to become more richer and much more meaningful in the heart of Peter. This became very obvious during his passion and Peter denied him three times and ran away and hid on Good Friday. It is clear from this passage that St. Peter saying to Jesus you are the Christ was not the answer Jesus was looking for.


Reflection: who do you say Jesus is for you... an answer that comes from your heart and not from Scripture?


Prayer Jesus, you are looking for more of St. Peter and details you let that particular moment. When I reflect on your question... who do you say I am? I realize I have to let go my catechism answer, Scripture answer, a preacher\'s answer,... and I have to reach down inside my own heart and bring forward from within an honest and forthright answer. Amen