Fri. June 26/15


 Daily reflection: Friday: June 26/15


Gospel: Matthew 8:1... we really here that has Jesus came down from the mountain where he had been teaching and a leper approaches him and asked Jesus to make him clean. Jesus reached out his hand and touched him and said, “Be made clean” and the leper was healed. Now you would think that Jesus would want him to tell everyone so that Jesus would be better known. Not so. Jesus tells him to tell no one but go to the temple and make the appropriate gift. Jesus did not want people who see him as some kind of magician what he wanted people to do was to come to know and understand his teaching about the kingdom of God, change their minds about God and be awakened to the reality that God is in their midst and in our heart and loving them and all of creation  unconditionally. No longer is God to be seen as judgmental or punitive or distant. The Spirit of God lives in our heart and is amongst them always as a loving and caring energy.


Reflection: do you think it makes sense for Jesus to tell the leper to tell no one? If you experience the healing would you tell people?


Prayer: Jesus the healer, I read about the healing stories of the Gospel and I realize you wanted people to know you for more than being a healer, you want people to understand that you were the voice of God and claiming  the good news of the kingdom of God here on earth. I pray that inspired by the Spirit I will imitate Jesus and proclaim the kingdom of God in our midst today. Amen