Thurs. June 25/15


Daily reflections: Thursday, June 25/15


Gospel Matthew 7:21... in this Gospel of Jesus is talking about superficial religion by this he means that people are not practicing what they preach or teach. He compares it to a house that is built on sand which will fall and collapse in the midst of a storm. He used this metaphor to describe the superficiality of many who call upon God and pretend to have a relationship with God. For Jesus this was no good. Then he uses the metaphor of a house built on rock so that when the storms of life, the house is strong enough and deep enough to resist the storm. On the one hand, this is a very obvious teaching that superficiality will not withstand the storms of life. On the other hand a faith which is deep and strong about able people to withstand storms of life. This teaching shows that Jesus was well grounded himself and knew of what he taught. We read that the people were astounded at his teaching and said, “he taught them as one who had authority and not like their scribes.


Reflection: would you say that your faith is built on a solid rock?


Prayer: This teaching of Jesus reminds me that I must invest time and effort in my spiritual life and grow otherwise my house of faith will be built on sand and will not withstand the storms of life. It also tells me, but if I work in developing a strong and lively faith I will be able to withstand and thrive on the storms of life. Amen