Weds. June 24/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: June 24/15


Gospel: Luke 1:57... in this gospel Jesus introduces us to John the Baptist and at the same time the naming of John because when it was ordered, like many parents, there were various names proposed for the little baby. The baby\'s mother said that she would settle the dispute and he would be called John. There they consolidate his father who was mute and his father wrote on a tablet, “is name is John”and that settle the discussion. In another place in the Scriptures we read that, “God knows this and columns by name... for we are God\'s”. Yes by our baptism is the knowledge that we belong to God and that God knows as I call somebody and these words are meant to help us to understand that we live in God and God lives in us and this gives us a very intimate relationship with the divine presence. Today, many religious people are not able to open up our hearts and minds and take advantage of this beautiful, beautiful, message.


Reflection: do you ever reflect on the reality of the Divine Presence is within you and you live in God?


Prayer: I find it hard to keep in my mind each day and each hour that I live in God and God lives in me. Yet that is the reality it is true. I pray each day to the Holy Spirit that I be reminded of this wonderful relationship and realize I called by this relationship to live a life of love and integrity. Amen