Mon. June 22/15


Daily reflections: Monday: June 22/16


Gospel: Matthew 7:1... in this Gospel Jesus gives a teaching on judging and not judging other people. We read, “why do you see the speck in your neighbor\'s eye but do not notice the log in your own eye?” Jesus certainly knew the experience of being judged by people who do not agree with his teachings, who did not agree or like his simple living, and saw him as a threat to religious leaders and their exalted positions. But on a day-to-day basis we see that judging other people and then using gossip to spread that about is a common human experience. Very often it does great harm to the reputation of another person who is judged and condemn my gossip. One key to this teaching us is that when we see a fault in another person we taken back home to ourselves, and see where what we are judging is a projection of our own failings, overall mistakes, of our own weaknesses. This is a process that helps us to weed out the need to judge other people and make that material for gossip.


Reflection: have you ever been to object of gossip?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, it is so tempting to feel superior by putting other people down and in this way to feel better about oneself. This kind of thinking is a lie and leads to living the illusions about oneself. I pray that I can be honest with myself so old that I can take ownership of my judging or criticizing in order to learn about myself so I can grow and experience transformation. Amen