Thurs. June 18/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: Matthew 6:7... the topic of this days Gospel is prayer. Jesus saw that many of the religious leaders of the day prayed in public in order to be seen by people and they also their p to multiplied their prayers in order to impress the people who saw them. It was all about being seen and promoting their own self image. Jesus tells them that this kind of prayer is useless. Secondly, Jesus tells them that God knows what they want before the asking with a long list of needs and desires which will simply give them a better image. Jesus then tells him how to pray when he says, “our father”and by the use of this phrase and this phrase alone it demonstrates that a person recognizes and is aware of her own personal relationship with God. It is all about relationship. As Scripture says, “in God we live and move and have our being”, and again, John\'s Gospel, “God is love and those who live in love live in God and God in them”this was a teaching that Jesus tried to communicate to the people of his day, the indwelling presence of God in all people and all of creation and that all is sacred. To use a prayer, our father, indicates that we know that we are living in a relationship with God who dwells within our heart and in our midst, God is not a distant God, transcendent and imminent, and for too long Christians are focused on the transcendence of God and ignored the divine presence within us and all of creation. When you use the term, our father, you\'re able to say that you recognize this relationship and that all is sacred and you are going to live accordingly.


Reflection: do you really hold up the Spirit of God is within you and you in God?


Prayer: Each day I said the words, “our father” which brings me to the revised nation and the awareness I live in God but God lives in me and that I am a co-creator with God. I know that God knows what I need and one of the great mystics said the only prayer I need to say to God is, “thank you” and this kind of prayer really show that I appreciate God\'s relationship with me and my relationship with God. Amen