Weds. June 17/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: June 17/15


Gospel: Matthew 6:1... in today\'s Gospel Jesus talking about purity of intention, or the motivation for doing good. Jesus says that some people when they give money to the poor make it known to other people about their generosity, when they pray they do so out of the open where everybody can see them praying and they can pretend to be very holy, or when they fast they do so with a very sad and sorrowful face. He goes on to say that when you engage in spiritual practices that to do so in secret and he puts it this way, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. Clearly, Jesus saying have a right intention when deciding to do good for others, otherwise, Jesus would say the person is a hypocrite if you\'re looking for attention or reward. To act with compassion and kindness is meant to be a reward in its own right elbow person that love is paramount in their life.


Reflection: do you ever reflect on your motive for doing good?


Prayer: Jesus, it is clear that when you acted with compassion and kindness you are not seeking applause, praise, or in knowledge. You reached out to people because you loved them and the people you help knew that you were inspired by love to be part of their journey and lift their burdens. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help me take a look in my own motives for doing good for other people. I pray that my motive will be simply love just as it was with Jesus. Amen