Tuesday, June 16/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: June 23/15


Gospel Matthew 7:6... in this gospel Jesus is giving three very clear teachings and the one that caught my eye, because it seems to be the one that people struggle with most, as do I,  “in everything you do to others as you would have them do to you”. This saying of Jesus is at the core of all world religions in various wording and forum, yet as you look out on the world you can see the very few religions, if any, are living this teaching, our world is filled with violence and war, with greed and avarice, selfishness and self-centered living, with sitting behind walls, physical and sexual abuse especially of children... one has to wonder if people really hear the core teaching of their religion, whatever religion it may be. If people all world religions ever put this into practice we would have a world of justice and peace, of harmony and tranquility... and people would live as one family where each member is loved and respected, where people would choose them in the community both within a small community and the community of the world. This teaching of Jesus challenges in our everyday living and we will be stretched when we try to live it with love that comes to the power of the Holy Spirit.


Reflection: how does this teaching of Jesus influence the way you live?


Prayer: Jesus, as I read the Gospels I know that you practiced what you preached, it seems that you always engaged people with respect and love. Your way of being with people is a great inspiration to me, and I will try to imitate the way you lived, so that this teaching really does impact and influence the way I live my relationships. Amen