June 15/15 Monday


Daily reflections: Monday: June 16/15


Gospel: Matthew 5:38... Jesus continues to teach his disciples and this gospel’s topic is non-violence. Jesus begins by saying “you have heard that it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, basically meaning that was our right to retaliate but at least it must not be more severe than the original violence. This law was brought in to moderate or severe retaliation which was very commom in those days, a time when people would even go so far as to kill somebody who slighted them by word or action. Having quoted the eye for an eye Jesus then went on to teach people the value of non-violence in their relationships. This was something radically new for his listeners and in many ways is still radically new in our time. There are the obvious ways of being violent like hitting or killing someone. There are also other not so obvious ways to retaliate, by silence, by mean speech and snide remarks, like criticism and putdowns... their many ways of being violent when someone is angry or feels hurt. Jesus lived a very non-violent life in every way and he gave us the commandment to love one another as I have loved you and when we live this commandment of Jesus there is no violence of any kind.


Reflection: you find yourself living in a violent world and what is your reaction?


Prayer: Jesus, you loved so much that you never took offense at what people said or did to you, as a result you never had any temptation to retaliate or to get even with people. I know that if I loved as Jesus loved I will not take offense and there will be no need to desire retaliation. Amen