Friday, June 12/15


Daily reflections: Friday: June 12/15


Gospel: John 19:31... today\'s gospel show how strict religious leaders in Jerusalem were about Sabbath rest. They took the Sabbath rest very seriously and were the better for, except, when obeying the rules still in the way of acting with kindness and compassion. Jesus often challenge them for this attitude of putting legalism before acting with compassion, Jesus often acted with compassion even though he was overriding the Sabbath rest, for example, he healed on the Sabbath, the disciples to harvest grain in order to eat... and of course the religious leaders were offended by this and challenged Jesus for not obeying the Sabbath rest. Also it was a blemish on the Sabbath rest to have a body left on the cross on the Sabbath. Therefore, the religious authority asked Pilate that have the legs of the crucified men broken so that they would be surely dead and could be taken down from the cross and remove. In their heart of hearts they must\'ve known that the crucified an innocent man whom they saw as a threat to them and to their religion. As religious leaders they did not want their religion to be renewed since they were very comfortable with their authority and their easy way of life. He did not want a reminder of their duplicity of having a body still hanging on a cross.


Reflection: as you reflect on your own journey, and the journey of the church, do you see anything similar today?


Prayer: Jesus, you lived your love so intensely and when such openness and generosity of many people appreciated and we\'re grateful, however, the religious leaders saw you a threat and they would have you put to death. Today there are many good people moved by the Spirit working at renewing and updating our religion. There are a few who are grasping the meaning of what is happening, the emerging church, and are those who do everything they can to resist and block. I pray that the Spirit will open the minds and hearts of people everywhere and inspire them to renewal and modernization of the Church. Amen