Thursday, June 11/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: June 11/15


Gospel: Matthew 10:7... in this Gospel story Jesus is sending his disciples out to various villages around Jerusalem in order to proclaim the good news. He gives them a mission to cure the sick, to raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. This seems like a heavy workload and probably the disciples were wondering how they were going to do this. They still took Jesus literally and did not understand the use of a metaphor. However, they were most willing to follow the instructions given to them by Jesus. Then Jesus said to them ”you received without payment, give without payment”. St. Francis of Assisi story understood the teaching of Jesus that our money and possessions could stand in the way of a deeper relationship with God. Today, Pope Francis frequently goes St. Francis and he lives a life of detachment from things you. He also wants the church to do more or less ministry without charging, he\'s not against free will offering, but he is certainly stated very clearly that ministry should be free. Yet we know that many churches ministry is not free, there are the required stipends, the required fees, for service


Reflection: what you think of a church that ministers the people without payment?


Prayer: Jesus, you set a very great example for all of us especially the clergy that we should be able to minister to people without requiring a payment. I pray that this will soon become the way it is and that lay people will not feel that they have to pay for ministry. Amen