Weds. June 10/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: June 10/15


Gospel Matthew 5:17... for many centuries Christians believe that Jesus started the church, or if not Jesus, then St. Paul. Yet the Scriptures show us very clearly that he does never intended to start a new church but rather he tried to reform, to renew, the religion of his day. It was when the people of the synagogue expel the Jewish Christians that slowly but surely the Christian church evolled to want it is today. The religion of Jesus day had become very legalistic and as a result the ordinary people carry a heavy burden of blind obedience to those laws, much like what Catholics are doing with Canon law today. Jesus only gave us two law,... love God and love your neighbor and of course  together we are only one law, if you love people you love God. Having given those two laws, actually one, Jesus showed clearly what he desired when he said, “whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom” or those who have committed their life to Jesus and his way it means that we must practice what we preach. It sounds simple enough until we really try.


Reflection: as you reflect on your journey do you find it difficult at times to love your neighbor?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, in reading the Gospels I see that you really loved God because you love people with no exceptions. You treated people with compassion, kindness, and with gentleness and never condemning or judge anyone. I pray that the Spirit will help me to imitate Jesus and to avoid judgment and condemnation of anyone and to act with compassion and kindness always and everywhere. Amen