Tuesday, June 9/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: June 9/15


Gospel: Matthew 5:13... sometimes Jesus taught a message to gay people great comfort and consolation... and the people liked it. At other times Jesus challenges his listeners and when he did this many turned and walked away from him saying, this is a hard saying. Today\'s Gospel is not a threat, but rather it is a warning to his friends that they may be very enthusiastic at the beginning of that enthusiasm can diminish and run dry. We read that Jesus said, ”you are the salt all the earth a lot if salt lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored “. As we look at the universal church we can see that a lot of people are no longer salt, even those who attend Mass every week, there is no sense that they are being salt to the world. It seems that many many people have lost any passion for building the kingdom of God, it seems that there is no fire in the heart of many people who call themselves Christians. Many people tend to blame the institutional church for this state of affairs, and it has contributed, but is not the only reason that people lost their passion for building the kingdom of God. Many people speculate about the many reasons for this happening. What\'s already concerned to us is to keep the fire burning brightly and to be salt to the people around us so we can be a sacrament which has the power and encourage to live with integrity and by example influence the minds of hearts of others.


Reflection: as you reflect on this Gospel story you find that you are salty?


Prayer: Jesus, as I read the Gospels I see clearly that you had a great passion, a fire in the heart, to bring about the kingdom of God here on earth. You are a great example of Jesus being a person who truly was salt. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch my heart and soul and enable me to be salt, to be a sacrament, for those around me and those with whom I love, and with those who truly are not living a life of faith and passion. Amen