Monday, June 8/15


Daily reflections: Monday: June 8/15


Gospel: Matthew 5:1... this story begins on a mountain and is a metaphorical way of saying that it is a very important teaching given by Jesus. It is best known as the Sermon on the Mount. In many ways this Sermon on the Mount speaks to the human condition and the experiences of people during their life journey. It also speaks about the attitude which we bring to those experienced that even difficult ones. Jesus is telling us that with a proper attitude we can find a certain degree of happiness no matter what the experiences of life may be. It is not difficult to bring a joyful attitude when life goes well and were getting everything we need and most of what we want. However, there are many experiences which are themselves could easily rob us of inner peace. But when we bring an attitude of faith, of trust, of confidence in God and we are able to maintain our inner peace. Julian of Norwich said that all will be well, all matters of things will be well, in the end all matters of things will be well. This was a woman that even abiding faith in God and trust in God at all circumstances. When in the middle of a difficult experience you may wonder how accurate are the words of Julian of Norwich. However, keep in mind that she said in the end all we well and if  , you have not yet reached the end.


Reflection: do the words of Julian of Norwich speak to you?


Prayer: For me, the words of Julian of Norwich ring true, and perhaps this comes of having been blessed with over 80 years of living and looking back over those years and the various experiences. I have learned well that it is the attitude that I bring to the difficult experiences and realize that eventually in the end all will be well. Today, I thank God for the wisdom I have learned not just from the good events of my life but even from the difficult ones and for all that I thank God. Amen