Thursday, June 3/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: June 4/15


Gospel: Mark 12:28... as we read Mark\'s Gospel we find that people are coming to Jesus and asking him questions. Now the religious leaders had taken the 10 Commandments and multiply them, subdivided to, added to them and multiply them again. In this particular reading a scribe comes to Jesus and asked the question, which is the first commandment of them all? Jesus surprises the scribe, he did not take any of those commandments. Rather Jesus said to him, and do us, “love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself”. On the surface this seems like a theory is a thing to do until you reflect on the meaning of loving your neighbor. To love our neighbors... that is love family and friends. After that it is more difficult, or people irritate us, there are people who will criticize us, there are people we make have had a conflict with or a serious disagreement, they are needy groups of people that we can\'t stand, we even may have enemies you are wrong or of our country... and that is not all... our neighbor is the earth which we need to love, our neighbor are the animals and birds, lakes and rivers and streams, the vegetation, and in order to carry out this commandment to love our neighbor we must expand our heart so we can love from the heart and not just an act of the will. It is the Holy Spirit who is able to awaken us and to expand our heart.


Reflection: think of  the neighbor you find difficult to love... is this neighbor human, or animal or the earth or the air?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, when I read the gospel I see that you had grown an expanded heart and were able to love all and nothing or no one was excepted from your love. I pray that you will give me an expanded heart that I will be able to love as you loved. Amen